Delisha Easley is an influencer that is leading this generation to fulfill purpose everyday. Have you ever met someone that made you want to re-evaluate where your life is going? If not you have now! Delisha Easley early on in life had a passion to help others whatever way she could. At the tender age of ten years old she begin giving to the mission field around the world. Her life would take a sudden change that actually propelled her into purpose. What the enemy meant for evil God used for good.  
Easley was sexually assaulted at age 11, but this didn't stop her from fulfilling purpose. The strength and comfort of loving parents and the Holy Spirit gave her the fortitude to want to do more for girls her age. Her exquisite passion for people increased leading her to the mission field. During her teenage years she travelled to the following countries, Guatemala, Mexico (four times), England, and France, all before the age of seventeen. This part of her life is discussed in the "Is Celibacy a reality in 2016?"  and "Answering the Call"  Workshop. 

When it came time to pursue her education, Delisha chose to Oral Roberts University. There she was a model student partaking in both athletics, as well as other extracurricular community activities, all while maintaining her studies. She graduated with degrees in Special Education as well as Teaching English as a Second Language. In 2010 she received her Masters in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. In addition to these degrees, she has become a certified Life Coach for teen girls and a National Educator Trainer. She is also a succesful published author of two amazing books and more coming soon! [CLICK HERE]

Delisha is a woman of many talents. She has been featured in various magazines, such as Gospel Today and Sistah Talk E-Magazine, and various blogs, such as MadameNoire. As former Executive Assistant to Dr. Teresa Hairston, CEO/Founder of Gospel Today magazine, Delisha gained priceless knowledge on how to write articles and books, what is publishable, what an editor looks for, and much more.
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This bio is just a brief glimpse into the life of Delisha Easley. In her new book "Purpose in the Process: Journey to Destiny"  Easley discusses how her life trials and tribulations propelled her to continue on this journey to destiny. This book also includes details on Easley's year in Venezuela as a missionary teacher and her encounter with violence first-hand. She was robbed at gunpoint and held hostage, but by the grace of God was released and telling the world her story. 

When Easley is not writing she is an educator and speaker across the world to various audiences of young adults and adults ready to live at the level they were created for. Easley doesn’t want you to just discover your purpose but actually fulfill it! Easley has created various programs and trainings that will help you get from an idea to a reality. For more information on these programs and how to book her for your  next event CLICK HERE!